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Michael Angkodjojo


While Michael Angkodjojo does love to call Singapore home, he also travels internationally on a regular basis.

As a successful business owner based out of Singapore, Michael Angkodjojo is skilled at navigating international businesses and multicultural settings. He is incredibly well-traveled, with experiences visiting a wide variety of countries across the globe.

Singapore has proven to be an excellent home base for him in his current career path, offering a business-friendly culture and economy with a diverse population and an abundance of modern resources. This small city-state is made up of a collection of islands just off the Malay peninsula.

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In Singapore, Michael Angkodjojo gets to enjoy being a part of a cultural melting pot. With a dense population made up of people of primarily Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian descent, Singapore offers a unique insight into several major East Asian cultures. Over the years, Singapore has developed its own individual culture, deeply influenced by these prominent populations. It boasts a wide array of authentic cuisine and cultural experiences. This, along with its use of English as the lingua franca, has made Singapore a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. As an avid traveler himself, Michael is well-versed in the attractions and experiences that can make for a great trip to Singapore. This includes a visit to places like Marina Bay Sands, an iconic resort and landmark. Other popular tourist attractions include the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, the peaceful beaches at Sentosa Island Resort, and unique experiences such as the Night Safari.

While Michael Angkodjojo does love to call Singapore home, he also travels internationally on a regular basis. Whether for business or pleasure, Michael loves taking every opportunity to visit someplace new or revisit his favorite destinations. He enjoys the experience of entering a new culture, trying new cuisines and visiting local landmarks and attractions. For friends or connections looking to plan trips, Michael is always willing to offer advice and insights based on his own experiences. He understands that travel can be challenging, from planning itineraries to navigating language barriers and jetlag. Traveling has helped to expand Michael’s worldview, allowing him to navigate international business relationships and appreciate the cultural diversity in the world around him.

Michael Angkodjojo has not always called Singapore home. In fact, before launching his business, he attended Seattle University in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. This educational experience prepared him well for his career, providing the skills and knowledge he needed to be successful. Seattle University has been teaching students since the late 1800s, and as a private Jesuit university, it has a relatively small enrollment that provides a unique sense of community and connection compared to other schools. Seattle University values justice and strives to promote the betterment of humanity while immersing students in the tech-heavy culture of Seattle. Though Michael now lives far from his alma mater, he still practices many of the skills he learned there as a student.

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